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BLUEPOINT Technology SA has exclusive contracts with Italian and Chinese production sites, the result of partnerships developed over time. Thanks to these contracts, we are able to guarantee production capacity for both large and small orders from our customers, maintaining high quality standards of finished products. The company ensures the highest quality and precision in the sector thanks to its engineers who carry out Swiss quality controls and certify Swiss standards at every stage of the production process.

We offer:

  • Machining of small parts and complex mechanical components

  • Mounting & Assembly

  • Wide range of solutions

  • Modern technologies & Highly specialized technical staff

  • Deadline respect

  • Fast-pace production

  • Competitive price

  • Wide range of high quality CNC numerical control machine

  • Turning & Milling

  • Laser cutting and bending (simple & complex elements, cuts up to 5mm thick in all types of materials)

  • Production of any kind of material and shape

    • Steel & alloys

    • Aluminium and alloys

    • Copper

    • Brass & bronze

    • Plastic materials (Teflon, PVC, nylon, POM)




BLUEPOINT Technology SA has also shown that it is able to develop contacts in this sector that guarantee immense added value for our customers.
Our company and XIANFENG Technology CO. LTD. have a unique technical sales office.  In addition to this link, BLUEPOINT Technology SA has developed an exclusive partnership with Dalian Asia Pacific Electronics Co., Ltd. (DAPE).


Dape in figures:

  • Land area: 17,278 ㎡ Plant area: 24,000 ㎡

  • Total investment: RMB 300.5 million

  • Registered capital: RMB 60 million

  • Employees: 350

  • Business Domain: Development, design, manufacturing and sales of double-sided, multi-layer, HDI PCB, LED aluminum PCB, rigid & flexible PCB

  • Production capacity: 60.000m2/month (currently 30.000m2/month)

  • State-of-the-art fleet of machines for production

These partnerships have been created to facilitate communication with our clients and to offer:

  • Quality in term of production

  • Production also for small volumes of purchase

  • Fast prototype production (3 days for 2 layers boards)

  • Production of all PCBs types

  • Delivery via express courier in safely modus


DAPE - PCB Manufacturing capability 1

PCB Manu capability 1.png


DAPE - PCB Manufacturing capability 2

PCB Manu capability 2.png


DAPE - PCB Manufacturing capability 3

PCB Manu capability 3.png



PCB Printed boards, FPC series, Automotive & Industrial series, High Technology, Special Technology, Mounting SMT, Key solutions for PCB production , Final assembly of SMD, Raditional electronic components on last generation assembly lines, Connectors & Cables, are only part of what we offer.

Do not hesitate to call us for more information about the solutions offered.





Access to quality medical products is a complex health and development challenge. It depends on the physical availability and financial affordability of a product as well as its geographical accessibility

Pathway of quality medical products

  • Research and Development (R&D)

  • Regulatory Systems

  • Financing

  • Supply and Distribution

  • Healthcare Facilities, Equipment and Personnel

  • Patients’ Health-Seeking Behaviour and Adherence

Research and Development (R&D)

Physical availability of a new quality medical product depends first on R&D. Different incentive mechanisms, including intellectual property rights, market size and expected revenues, are needed to stimulate R&D.

Regulatory Systems

If successful at clinical trial stage, a product is then evaluated by national or regional regulatory authorities to ensure that it meets standards for efficacy, safety and quality – it is approved if the benefits outweigh the risks.


Products undergo cost-benefit analyses. If the products are evaluated as cost effective, they may be reimbursed by financing schemes which may positively affect the product’s affordability. But affordability also depends on the purchasing power of patients and their families, and on the supply side on the price set by manufacturers.In-house finishing process.

Supply and Distribution

Further along the access pathway, geographical accessibility of products is influenced by available local infrastructure and logistics. Inefficiencies in existing supply chains and distribution channels can compromise geographical accessibility of a medical product.

Healthcare Facilities, Equipment and Personnel

Access to medical products also depends on factors such as availability of health facilities, qualified healthcare providers and medical equipment.

Patients’ Health-Seeking Behaviour and Adherence

Medical products must be acceptable to patients and providers. This can depend on factors such as cultural norms and beliefs, whether it is a generic or branded product, or on product features, including form, dosage, taste and colour.





This sector offers a wide range of possible solutions that BLUEPOINT Technology SA presents to its customers to complete its offer.

Realization of molds for plastic injection and production of plastics parts

  • Design from the STEP file

  • Engineer assistance

  • Wide range of possibilities offered

  • No size limits (plastic parts or material)

  • Multiple injection available

Membrane Keyboards and different lables

Device activation through a membrane keyboard? We have the solution…

Production of seals and O-ring in EPDM, NBR

  • In-house finishing process

    • Silk/pad Printing

    • Painting

    • Epoxy coating

    • Laser etching

    • Assembly process


  • Rubber Materials

    • SBR

    • NR

    • CR

    • EPDM

    • NBR

    • HNBR

    • VMQ (Silicone Rubber)

    • ECO

    • ACM

    • FKM

  • Rubber Molding

Solar Panels

Led, Aluminium series